What is compliance?

List of Laws, and Regulations Pertaining To The Instillation Of A Generator

The dangers of non-compliance

What can you do?

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When we talk about compliance, with regards to generators, we are talking about insuring that your generator and installation comply with ALL the legal requirements. There are numerous laws and standards that are applicable to the manufacture, assembly and installation of generators. While most manufacturers are aware of these and apply them, sadly the same cannot be said about the people who install generators or sell them.

Common shortfalls we see in the industry are

People selling single phase petrol generators to clients knowing the client’s intention is to use the generator in their home/ business and that they will be connecting it to their DB, what is really alarming is the number of qualified electrical contractors that then go ahead and install these generators. The vast majority of these installations are not only very illegal, but are extremely dangerous. These generators are V-O-V generators, meaning that they achieve 230V by running 115V through the live and 115V through the neutral. SANS is very clear that these may NOT be connected to a DB. Further SANS requires that the earth and neutral on a generator be bonded, ie connected together. The idea is that your neutral and your earth must be almost identical in Voltage, failure to do this can result in your earth leakage switch not functioning. Very few generator installations have the required safety sign-age. Lack of fire extinguishers Lack of the required licenses if your fuel tank is above a certain size (this changes depending on local by-laws in Cape Town it is 200L, in Stellenbosch it is 500L) Exhausts not compliant No Plinth and Bundwall Not all the required emergency stops and generator running lights are installed Poorly constructed generator rooms. Generators require a large amount of air, they use it for combustion and cooling.
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 1993 (Act No.85 of 1993) Electrical Machinery Regulations promulgated in terms of the OHS Act Electricity Supply By-Law Fire Brigade Services Act 1987 / Community Fire Safety By-Law Environmental Conservation Act 1989 SANS 10142-1 – The wiring of Premises Part 1 Low Voltage Installations SANS 10103 – Measurement of Environmental Noise SANS10400 – National Building Regulations SANS 10131 – Fuel storage tanks If your at an event and running a generator, then the following also applies SANS 10366 - Health and safety at events


The electrician working on your building, who is not aware

you have a generator due to lack of sign-age, can be



The generator can catch fire and destroy your building


Council workers working on the grid can be electrocuted


In the case of damage to the generator the oil, fuel and con-

taminates can leak out, making for very costly clean ups


In the case of an insurance claim your claim could be

turned down, as all insurance contracts require that you adhere

to all legal requirements.


We offer free annual compliance reports as a part of our service contracts, the laws change from time to time and we make sure we are up to date with these changes, and thus keep you informed and up to date. We also do compliance reporting and issue you with a compliance certificate once your installation is compliant. We also offer a conversion service for some makes of V-O-V generators that convert them into V-O-O, unfortunate not all generators can be converted, the Honda EU inverter generator, Kipor inverter generator and some Chinese sets are among those that cannot be converted. Even if you have a contract with a generator company, a compliance report is not expensive but will aid you in insuring that the person charging you to take care of your generator is in fact doing just that and not allowing you become a possible victim of serious law suits and insurance problems. Contact us today and let us put your mind at ease.
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