24/7/365 real time Remote Monitoring
Live Web Based remote monitoring has revolutionised the generator servicing industry. No longer
do clients have to rely on luck to ensure that their generators are always in optimal operating
condition, nor do they have to wait for an emergency to find out there is something wrong. Live
Web Based Remote Monitoring now means that you have a qualified generator technician
watching over your generator 24/7. Its like having a generator technician at your office or home for
a fraction of the cost.
Benefits of Live Web Based Remote Monitoring
The biggest benefit is obviously the fact that if something does go wrong a
qualified technician knows about it instantly, no longer do you have to phone
around to find an available technician, whilst your business stands still.
Many generator problems can be sorted out with out a technician even having to
be dispatched, this saves down time and costs.
Weekly / monthly reports can be generated allowing you to ensure that all
scheduled work was carried out.
No more relying on unqualified people to do the weekly test runs of your
generator, instead we do it for you and ensure that all tests are carried out
correctly, this ensures that any potential problems are detected an eliminated
before they occur.
Tampering of the generator is immediately seen and the problem rectified.
By adding a GPS antenna you will always know where your generator is
No more running out of diesel.
Who Should have Live Web Based Remote Monitoring?
Hospitals, clinics, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Medical centres,
any one with a server, anyone offering 24/7 service, call centres
and any one that can’t do without electricity.
Monitoring Options:
Passive Monitoring:
With this option, we monitor your diesel generator and do the weekly test run. In the case of something going wrong, we contact
the relevant person, ie you service agents, the manager etc, we also send a e-mail to the designated e-mail address. We then
monitor the situation and ensure that the relevant persons take action, if they do not we notify you immediately to organise
alternative options This option excludes any of the benefits of a service contract.
Active Monitoring:
In this option we remotely monitor your generator, do weekly test runs, and send you weekly or monthly reports. In the event that
something goes wrong we contact you and await your instructions. Once the course of action has been decided we respond our
Remote Monitoring and Management
This is total peace of mind, you make your generator our problem. We will remotely monitor you generator, do weekly tests, and
submit weekly reports. In the event that something should go wrong we instantly respond the relevant crew to resolve the issue,
we also automatically send out our refuelling crews if you fuel level drops to a predetermined level. Includes a
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